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Elevate Your Customer and Revenue Results.

Unlock Your Revenue Potential with MarSell Services.

The MarSell name represents the ideal integration and alignment flow of marketing and selling.


You market then you sell – MarSell.


A MarSell Ethos: Strong Marketing Results in Successful Selling. 

At MarSell Services we believe that: 

  • Marketing and Selling are two sides of the customer-revenue creation coin,
  • All revenue creation starts with marketing and finishes with selling,
  • Problem is the missing “P” of Marketing,
  • Sustainable growth comes from aligning and integrating marketing and selling efforts,
  • The best model and framework to create lasting marketing-selling process integration and alignment is Revenue Enablement, 
  • Revenue Enablement = Customer Value,
  • A fundamental and permanent shift has taken place in prospect purchasing journeys…prospects actively engage sellers less and less to help solve their business problems,
    • This will accelerate,
  • Deploying Customer-centric and Problem-centric strategies and tactics differentiates deeply and wins business, 
  • Customer empathy and problem-centricity are critical components to either thriving or just surviving in today’s B2B landscape,
  • Businesses unwilling to evolve or adapt their marketing and selling strategies and tactics will struggle to survive.
  • Profit is your friend. 

"The Times They Are A-Changin'" - Bob Dylan

As we have all experienced, there has been a fundamental shift in how prospects and customers buy and engage sellers to solve their business problems.


This is less and less and less.


Today upwards of 70+% of solution-making processes are completed internally before engaging a seller, and many purchasers want to avoid dealing with sellers at all. 

  • How and where are you relevant in your prospects’ Purchasing Journeys?


The challenging paradox with a “DIY” approach to solving business problems is that many purchasing journey processes are not designed or equipped to purchase the necessary solutions to fix their problems.

Source: YouTube

This reality is why B2B purchasing cycles require more people and time; purchased solutions often don’t solve; core business problems remain; there are higher levels of “buyer’s regret”; and decisions made to make no decision. 


The Purchasing Journey Can Be A Sh*t Show: Buyers need Sellers.


The challenge in this rapidly evolving purchasing environment is to be relevant and required by prospects. To thrive, sellers must evolve and adapt their marketing-selling strategies, tactics and approaches.  Sellers need to adapt and connect with prospects where they are through problem empathy and understanding.


Help prospects buy the solutions they need to solve the problems they have. 


Don’t Sell…Solve. 


To achieve sustainable success in this new, ever-evolving purchasing landscape new thinking, approaches, strategies and tactics must be brought to bear.

Let MarSell Services Help You Transform Your Marketing, Selling and Revenue Results.


represent marketing and selling working together

Our mission is to evolve stale, decades-old, company-centric marketing and selling approaches from which purchasers and buyer communities are rapidly disengaging.  


Discover new customer-centric approaches and ideas to elevate your market-facing strategies and tactics that achieve sustainable revenue growth and deliver deep customer value. 


  • Performance Improvement
  • Emotional Intelligence: Intelligent Emotions
  • Success From Within



  • Leading With Empathy
  • We Win When Our People Succeed
  • Sales Managers  Talent Development 


1-on-1 and Group

Elevate and Evolve Your Marketing-Selling


Revenue Creation Modelling

  • Revenue Operations 
  • Revenue Enablement
  • Sales-Selling Enablement
  • Customer Success


Customer-Problem Centricity: Your Catalyst to Differentiation & Sustainable Growth


Empathy as a Strategic Imperative


Buy-Sell and Sell-Buy

  • All Things Business Development, Marketing & Selling
  • Strategic & Tactical Perspectives
  • What Are The Customer Problems You Solve: Problems Have Costs
  • All Things Revenue Creation 
  • The Power  of Empathy to Drive Revenue
  • Aligning Customer and Problem-centricity: Tactics that Differentiate.
  • Revenue Creation
  • Prospect-to-Customer
  • Customer Experience
  • Purchaser’s
  • Seller’s
  • Customer Success
  • Customer Expansion

Our services are focused on helping you win business from the prospect’s side of the table.


Our dynamic and engaging programs leverage collaboration, foster knowledge transfer and focus on delivering new ideas that lead to growth. 


We aim to enable people to learn, develop and master critical Marketing-Selling skills that empower them to achieve outstanding results and realize their goals and aspirations.


Three core modules:

Marketing With Empathy

  • The Power of Customer Empathy
    • Why it Matters
  • Understanding the impact of Uncertainty, Doubt, Fear (FUD) in purchasing processes.
    • The FUD Framework 
  • Buyer-Seller Journey Alignment
  • Customer-Problem Centricity
  • Help Prospects Buy
  • The A, I, C-B, D, A Framework


Selling With Empathy

  • What is Customer Empathy
    • Why it matters in winning business
  • The Power of Problem-centricity
  • What is the customer problem you solve
  • Help Prospects Buy
  • Solve, don’t sell
  • Get Emotional, Your Prospects Are
  • FUD
    • Yours 
    • Theirs
    • Overcoming


Leading With Empathy

  • Empathy, what it is and why it matters, a lot. 
  • Emotional Intelligence – Intelligent Emotions
  • Understanding Self Empathy
  • We are what we think: Help people get out of their heads and into their careers
  • FUD
    • Rep State
    • Managing

The Inner Game

  • Get out of your head and into your success. 
  • Own and change unproductive thinking and behaviours.
  • Motivation from within.
  • Understanding and developing Selling Emotional Intelligence and Resiliency. 
  • Overcoming seller’s and selling FUD.
  • The Attention, Interest, Conviction-Belief, Desire, Action Framework: A Model for Success

The Outer Game

  • Start with the Customer Problem
  • Customer Empathy: A Tactical Imperative
  • Understand The Purchasing Journey: It’s a sh*t show.
  • Problems Have Costs.
  • Transfer Conviction and Belief…Earn More Business.
  • Get “Emotional”; Your Prospects Are
  • Understanding and overcoming prospects’ FUD.

Start With The Customer Problems You Solve


Product Flows From Problem


Problems Have Costs


Problem Centricity: Start With “What”


Problem-Centric Discovery: Stop Needing Needs

The Four Quadrants provides a strong framework to move from being unknowingly incompetent to mastery in a skill or topic.


Read our blog.   

We work with you to create marketing-selling programs that develop skills and capabilities that deliver results and effective change. 


Our mission focus is customer and revenue creation, expansion and retention.


The collaborative program we engage your people with will elevate and evolve their performance and your business results.

Focusing on collaborative learning, our programs provide practical, real-world learning experiences that equip participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to make a meaningful impact in their lives and careers.


Whether people or processes, talent needs development to progress, achieve its full potential, and deliver consistent results. 


Our focus is developing people and processes with capabilities and capacities that enable your organization to engage deeper, build and deliver customer value, achieve its top and bottom lines, reach its true market potential and realize your vision. 

Revenue Operations (RevOps)

  • Assessment and feasibility. 
  • Revenue stream and stakeholder identification and mapping.
  • Common Goals, KPIs and Consensus Building 

 Revenue Enablement

  • Process integration and alignment feasibility. 
  • Creating Opportunities to Sell
  • Qualify, Qualify, Qualify
  • Prospect-to-Customer Flow Mapping 

 Sales/Selling Enablement

  • Selling Process Assessments
  • Know What You Have…Know What You Need  
  • Customer-Problem centricity
  • Help Prospects Buy

 Customer Success

  • Order Through Adoption Process Assessment
  • Onboarding
  • ROTI
  • Customer Expansion Modelling

Revenue Creation

  • Revenue Operations
  • Revenue Enablement
  • Selling-Sales Enablement
  • Customer Success


Marketing & Selling


URL & Digital Presence: It’s Not About You – Help Prospects Buy


Customer-Problem Centricity


Buy-Sell & Sell-Buy 

Revenue Enablement Marketing Mixes

Problem-Centric Selling


Marketing for Sellers


Selling for Marketers


Problem-Centric Discoveries


Selling Process Assessment and Analysis

Let us help elevate and evolve your marketing, selling and overall business. 


We have the depth of knowledge, experience, tools and techniques to add a new dimension to your market-facing actions, initiatives and business goals. 

Our mission is to make your business vision a reality. 


Let MarSell be your change architect in creating sustainable successes that lead to achieving your vision. 

A little bit about who we are.

Hello and welcome to MarSell Services.


With over 35 years of diverse marketing and selling experience, I’ve been involved in thousands of selling situations, managed and trained hundreds of successful selling professionals and delivered millions of dollars in revenue.


Since my early days in professional marketing-selling, I’ve learned much about building markets, creating customers, driving market growth and achieving top and bottom-line results. And I’ve learned a lot, often painfully, about what doesn’t work and what motivates prospects to buy (or not).


In starting MarSell Services, my mission is to integrate, align and evolve often conflicting marketing and selling beyond still dominant 20th-century approaches. A primary goal is to provide customer-problem centric focused thinking and methods for creating, expanding and retaining customers and revenues.

  • Our Focus: providing clients with unbiased market perspectives, tools and processes that enable them to break away from tired, company-centric and stale marketing and selling strategies and tactics that purchasers and buyer communities are rapidly disengaging with and pushing away from.
  • Our Mission: to empower clients to adopt and implement the principles and methods of revenue creation to evolve and elevate their marketing and selling to create internal cohesion, focus, flow and the common goals of revenue creation and customer value growth.
  • Our Purpose: to be change architects helping B2B organizations evolve their marketing and selling approaches and elevate their customer and revenue results through:
    • Empathy as a strategy and tactic.
    • Customer-centric strategies and tactics,
    • Problem-centricity as a differentiating engagement tactic. 
    • Helping prospects buy solutions to the business problems you solve. 
  • Our Vision: The principles and methods of Revenue Creation evolve traditional,  outdated, too often disparate and siloed, marketing and selling processes and approaches into a cohesive, end-to-end, prospect-to-revenue flow. 


Thank you for coming by, and we look forward to connecting and working with you to bring a new dimension of market engagement and success into your business.


Reach out to us below, and we’ll connect to talk about your business. 


Cheers, Jamie Ball, Founder.

MarSell Services